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About us

The passion for pets is in our DNA, seeing your puppy or kitten happy, healthy and satisfied at the end of the process is what moves us.

This has been Danês’ mission in the pet market for 6 years.

The secret of success in such a short time is inside each package, they contain some ingredients, such as the science behind the development of our product line. The care, which begins there in the field, with the choice of seed and the preparation of the land, the commitment to select the best products in the harvest that precedes the transport of the raw material until arrival at the factory.

Within our modern facilities, it is clear the investment in technology, used in every part of the manufacture of products, modern processes, with the most advanced in the sector.

Danês Alimentos shows confidence and boldness, even in a period when fear took over the market, here, investment in expanding the structure to continue growing, continue generating employment, income and development.

Those who choose Danês products, take home satisfaction, to have the best that the pet market can offer, something that is reflected in the pride present in the heart of each of our employees, all of them have a very important part in the realization of this dream.

Because no matter the size of the challenge, 24 hours a day, we are focused on doing the best, we are passionate about what we do, we are inspired by innovation.

We are Danes. Welcome to our home.


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